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​Individual Therapy

Some clients start working with a therapist to tackle a particular struggle. Others, because they are stuck in a longer-term pattern or way of thinking. And others, because they are craving a life more examined, in which they are meeting their potential and can fully say the words "I'm thriving" - and mean it.

Whatever your reasons - to cope with a situation, break a cycle or change your story - therapy can help you navigate to a better place and way of living. 

That you need a diagnosable mental-health condition to see a therapist is a myth. Our team provides a safe and supportive environment for all clients to gain awareness, find perspective, heal past hurts, examine and cultivate meaningful relationships, brainstorm solutions, challenge conditioning,  and create new ways of thinking and being. 

Connect with our team to begin your journey to identify your challenges, nurture new growth, and experience the full range of human emotion.

Insurance & Fees

Understanding insurance can be complicated - and stressful. Our team works with you to help you understand costs, reimbursements, and how to ask the right questions of your carrier. We help guide the process, and give you resources to assist. We also file paperwork for you, streamlining the process, so you can spend more time taking action in your life and less time filling out forms.

Yellow Couch
We accept insurance.

Some members of the Purpose Squared team accept Aetna & Optum insurance,


Check with our support team to ensure you are matched with a participating provider.

We submit your out-of-network claims. 

Forget the paperwork. We electronically file all the necessary paperwork with your insurance provider for fast and seamless reimbursements, and even move to balance billing once deductibles are met and reimbursements are being sent - keeping your wallet more accurately up to date, and upfront costs at a minimum. 

Fees & Insurance

Out of Network? We've got you covered.​​

  • We are fee-for-service practice, similar to most therapists in Manhattan. That means you pay with credit card, health saving account debit card (HSA) at each appointment.

  • After that, we handle the complicated paperwork - if you have out-of-network coverage (a PPO insurance plan) we turn your payment into an expedited electronic request for out-of-network reimbursement for your services.

  • Once you have met your annual deductible, your insurance company will start to reimburse you - via our practice. That means we begin to bill only your portion of services, and wait for the balance of payment directly from insurance, keeping your out-of-pocket to a minimum.

  • If you have an HMO type plan your insurance company will not reimburse you for our fees. To use benefits associated with HMO plans you have to use an in-network provider, or utilize private pay.

  • Most of our patients are reimbursed 50-80% of our fees, some 100% by the end of the year when they have reached their out-of-pocket maximums. 


$350 initial intake, $300 ongoing sessions

*there is up to a $100 adjustment (decrease in rate) per session when seeing a P2 Fellow, when allowed by insurance. This is based on your providers usual and customary rates. 

If you have questions about your mental health coverage, we strongly urge you to contact us, and we can send you a script to talk to your insurance company with. We can get basic coverage information on your behalf - they will not share details about actual reimbursement rates with anyone other than the policy holder. 

Aetna or Optum, United, Oxford?

Your P2 therapist might accept in-network care.

Our team values mental health, and is aware cost can be a major barrier to care for many New Yorkers. For this reason, we have engaged Headway, a therapy collective, to allow for a portion of our practice to see clients with in-network rates.

What that means: ​

  • We have a limited number of in-network sessions, with a limited number of our therapists. When booking, be clear about insurance, and we will confirm availability. 

  • All booking and correspondence remains with our team. We set you up in the Headway system for automatic billing and insurance submissions. 

Fees: Co-pay (sometimes a deductible) based on insurance coverage.

Headway will confirm costs prior to services. 

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